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Our mission is to radically redefine our WellBeing.

what is the wellbeing

What is the Well of Being?

So many wonderful individuals endure periods of being emotionally stuck and disconnected because no one taught them an alternative. Our workshops empower men to harness their inner strength, compassion, and self-honesty to become more emotionally intelligent and resilient. Regardless of your age or religious affiliation, The Well of Being Workshop will give you the tools to radically transform your level of connection and self-awareness within a strong supportive community.

Who is it for?

Men who want to actively and consciously enhance their emotional Well-being and deepen their connection to those around them. Men ranging from 20 to 75 years old who want to embrace, and powerfully engage in their lives.

Some come to address the inner critic and negative patterns, that prevent them from being fully themselves and sabotages their connections.

Others are looking to learn methods for attaining self-acceptance and to be stronger leaders in their lives.

If you, like many of us, who experience moments of stress, impatience, or withdrawal at home or at work, then the Well of Being is designed to re-access your passion and aliveness.

We invite you to take responsibility for your own Well-being by turning your challenges into opportunities of growth.

The Method

The Well of Being method empowers you to take control of your internal landscape by giving you the skills to distinguish and integrate three domains of your experience: your mind, your emotions, and your underlying needs.  You will learn to transform negative and judgmental thinking into a doorway of powerful choice. With this awareness comes the ability to make real, positive choices in your life. This health-based model sees each person as possessing innate well-being and as separate from their problems. It will teach you how to harness the immense power locked within your challenges. The Well of Being method guides men from being unconsciously driven by needs of belonging and significance to generating their lives, grounded in their own uniqueness and open to vulnerable connection.

The Workshop

Reclaim a Life of Gratitude and Aliveness in Your Relationships.

The Well of Being Seminar is a 3-day 2- night experiential program of self-discovery about being alive. Our workshops empower men to harness their inner strength, compassion, and self-honesty. It will give you the tools to radically transform your level of connection and self-awareness.

Our workshop takes you on an experiential tour of your emotional and spiritual world to uncover a model of transformation towards wholeness. Individually guided, this journey of authenticity, self-acceptance, and courage invites you to discover your strengths and face your challenges. Throughout the workshop, you will explore your real-time reactions to your social environment and discover how you relate to reality.

Over 1,000 men have recaptured their aliveness. 

This is not a seminar where men sit listening to theoretical lectures. Rather, exercises take place individually, in pairs, and in various sized groups. The interactive and dynamic nature of the seminar enables men to expand how they think, and what they can feel. In the context of a safe and supportive environment, this process guides you home to your innate wellbeing.

Come experience with us what it’s like to harness the power of your courage and healing to face everyday challenges.

our director

Our Executive Director

Elisha Klein, our lead “Being” Facilitator, compassionately guides men towards achieving real and lasting wellbeing. Drawing from over a decade of experience, Elisha has created a safe space for men of all backgrounds to engage in honest self-reflection and growth.

Integrating different modalities, trainings, and years of research, Elisha has simplified core fundamental principles into a language of experience and transformation. Through his groundbreaking workshops, he has profoundly shifted hundreds of lives.

Coming from a diverse family who share a passion for self-development, Elisha’s vision is to transform the level of connection and self-awareness of Jewish men.  He lives in Israel with his wife and five children.


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